Aerosmith Rock in Rio 3 2017 DVD HD "Awesome"

Aerosmith Rock in Rio 3 2017 DVD HD  "Awesome"
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A treasure of rock and roll music, AEROSMITH. That latest finest professional shot appears. It is contained in this work “September 21, 2017 Rio de Janeiro performance.” Currently, it is a pattern of appearance of “ROCK IN RIO 7” which is the eyes of the typhoon of the rock scene with super and superbly pro shot succession. Although it is a totally universal world’s largest rock festival, unexpectedly this is the first time AEROSMITH appeared in “ROCK IN RIO”. Moreover, it is the first time including other countries such as Spain, Portugal, America etc. Speaking of AEROSMITH, something disturbing also happens. Actually, I was in the South American tour including “ROCK IN RIO 7”, but in the middle of that tour “Step unexpected medical problem” occurred in Stephen Tyler. It has also been reported as a seizure of some kind, now stop the tour and return home. Stephen is in the process. Band officials and individuals in Stephen individuals have said that “there is no different in life”, “the likelihood of complete disposal”, “it recovers quickly and locks up”, but the detailed disease name has not been revealed. Last year, Joe Perry did not seem to be making a fuss as much as it fell … …. Anyway, let’s check the position of the show, including that situation, in the full view of “AERO-VEDERCI BABY! TOUR”. Quality EXCELLENT HD! 1. O Fortuna 2. Let The Music Do The Talking 3. Love In An Elevator 4. Cryin' 5. Livin' On The Edge 6. Rag Doll 7. Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees) 8. Stop Messin' Around 9. Oh Well 10. Crazy 11. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing 12. Eat The Rich 13. Come Together 14. Sweet Emotion 15. Dude (Looks Like A Lady) 16. Dream On 17. Mother Popcorn 18. Walk This Way