Baby's & John Waite & Bad English Live & TV Collection

 Baby's & John Waite & Bad English Live & TV Collection
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Baby's & John Waite & Bad English Live & TV Collection

Great quality collection of live professionally recorded performances from John Waite and the Baby's, and Bad English Video collection containing performances from 1979 to 1982. Quality will vary from performance to performance, but overall are 8/10. time is 361 mins. This is a 3 dvd set it will come in a double dvd case with the 3rd dvd in a paper sleeve.

Dvd #1

Disk one: Live in Toronto 1979

Disk two: Isnít it time Iím falling And if you could see me fly Broken heart If you got the time Wildman Back on my feet again Midnight rendezvous True love, true confession When a man loves a woman Head first If you could see me fly Interview (Japanese TV) Sheís my girl (promo clip) Turn and walk away (promo clip) Money

Disk three: Run to Mexico Give me your love True love, true confession California Everytime I think of you Isnít it time Crystal ball Instrumental In your eyes Stick to your guns Love donít prove Iím right Head first

Bad English Video compilation DVD

This is a five video compilation of the band Bad English with Neil Schon (Journey), John Waite, Jonathan Cain (Journey), and some other guy. This video has interviews and backstage footage. It is short but sweet.Quality Rating is 9/10

1)Best Of What I've Got

2)When You Smile

3)Heaven Is A Four Letter Word

4)Price Of Love

5)Forget Me Not