David Lee Roth No Holds BarbQ dvd

 David Lee Roth No Holds BarbQ dvd
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David Lee Roth No Holds BarbQ dvd I could tell you everything that's on it and you still wouldn't get the whole picture. It's just an hour plus of...what? Midgets, clantily scad women, music, martial arts, and various other insanity. Dave does some classic Van Halen, some cool covers, some new stuff, and participates in bizarre, indescribable set pieces.

If you're a fan, it's highly recommended. And if you're not, you might want to track it done just for the oddity. Here's a barometer: Let's say you live in a vacuum and have never heard of David Lee Roth or any of Van Halen's music. If the idea of models dressed as pregnant trailer trash drinking Milwaukee's Best in front of a giant boom box playing raucous music makes you smile, then this is for you.

Like Dave once said before VH hit it big, "We play dance music for people who like to party." Same vibe, new millennium. Quality is great 9/10