IRON MAIDEN Live In Monterrey, Mexico 02/22/2008 DVD

IRON MAIDEN Live In Monterrey, Mexico 02/22/2008 DVD
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" We will defend Our Island, Whatever the cost, We will fight on the beaches, in the landings , we will fight in the fields and in the streets, We will fight in the hills We will never give up "

That was the Song of war of the beast over one year when the sun forum was taken by British forces of the Heavy Metal Iron Maiden .

on February 23, 2008 Maiden Arrival to the city of Mexico around 12 of the day aboard the Ed Force one that day many fansWe appointed at the airport of the city of Mexico , rumors ran in I scrub the opportunity to meet a reporter for the newspaper Metro and journalists from Channel 22 who said where we stat maiden , without hope we headed to the hotel to wait to maiden . Great Quality at least 9/10 pro shot menus chapters, a must for any fan! Aces High 2 Minutes To Midnight/ Revelations/ The Trooper/ Wasted Years/ The Number Of The Beast/ Can I Play With Madness?/ Rime Of The Ancient Mariner/ Powerslave/ Heaven Can Wait/ Run To The Hills/ Fear Of The Dark/ Iron Maiden/ Moonchild/ The Clairvoyant/ Hallowed Be Thy Name