Jackson Browne Coming Home DVD/ Henley/ David Crosby ect..

Jackson Browne Coming Home DVD/ Henley/ David Crosby ect..
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Somebody mined deep and took a lot of care putting Jackson Browne’s Going Home DVD together. This is actually a reissue of the 1999 video showcasing not just stage performances of this famous singer and songwriter but backstage footage, interviews, and more spanning the man’s 40-year career. Watching this DVD, you’ll be running between more recent footage of Browne playing songs like “I’m Alive” and “Before The Deluge” with his full, tighter-than-tight band, and clips with Browne and the amazing lap-steel player David Lindley in the studio and backstage, working on tunes like “Farther On” and “Take It Easy.”

In another sequence, Browne sits on stage with the Eagles in 1974 performing “Your Bright Baby Blues.” There are also seven different performances of “Doctor My Eyes” that span of Browne’s decades-long career doctored into one seamless whole. We get Browne and Lindley on stage again, during what looks like an unplugged segment, having some fun with David Crosby and Graham Nash, and then launc For more than two decades, Jackson Browne has been one of the most compelling artists in popular music. "Jackson Browne: Going Home" contains interviews, performances, and rare footage Quality 9/10+ Awesome !) I'm Alive 2 Farther On 3 Doctor My Eyes 4 These Days 5 Birds Of St. Marks 6 Your Bright Baby Blues 7 Take It Easy 8 In The Shape Of A Heart 9 Everywhere I Go 10 World In Motion 11 You Can Get It If You Really Want It 12 Good Morning Little Mutant 13 All Along The Watchtower 14 The Pretender 15 For Everyman 16 Lives In The Balance 17 Knock On Any Door 18 My Problem Is You 19 Too Many Angels 20 Sleep's Dark And Silent Gate 21 Sky Blue And Black 22 Before The Deluge 23 Running On Empty / Credits

David Crosby ... Self Mark Goldenberg Mark Goldenberg ... Self (guitar) Don Henley Don Henley ... Self Mauricus 'Fritz' Lewak Mauricus 'Fritz' Lewak ... Self (drums) David Lindley David Lindley ... Self Kevin McCormick Kevin McCormick ... Self (bass) Graham Nash Graham Nash ... Self Bonnie Raitt Bonnie Raitt ... Self Scott Thurston Scott Thurston ... Self (guitar, keyboard, vocals) Jennifer Warnes Jennifer Warnes ... Self Jeff Young Jeff Young ... Self (Hammond organ, vocals) .”