Shania Twain Video Collection 29 tracks on DVD

Shania Twain Video Collection 29 tracks on DVD
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Great quality collection of promos videos and live stuff, from Canadian country/pop singer Shania Twain. Collection includes 29 songs 116 minutes


Honey, Iím home (live)

No one needs to know

God bless the child

Come on over (live)

What made you say that

Dance with the one that brought you

From this moment on (with the Backstreet Boys)

Donít be stupid (you know I love you)

Youíve got a way

Any man of mine

You lay a whole lot of love on me

Whose bed have your boots been under

Ainít no particular way

Home ainít where his heart is

From this moment on

You win my love

Iím gonna get you good

When you kiss me

(if youíre not in it for love) Iím outta here

Youíre still the one/Something about the way you look tonight (with Elton John)

The woman in me

That doesnít impress me much

Love gets me every time

In my car (Iíll be the driver) Live

Rock this country

You shook me all night long (live)

Man! I feel like a woman!

Youíre still the one